High performance car parts for drift & rally cars

Tenaci develop race car parts including clutch kits, coilover springs, brakes kits and differentials in partnership with drivers from the most demanding branches of motorsports. Our drivetrain components are for cars drifting on track, racing on circuits, rallying in forests and high performance street cars.

Clutches – Clutch & Flywheel Kits

The main benefit of Tenaci clutches is the heavy-duty modular design. Parts are developed and tested in partnership with Formula Drift competitors who demand parts capable of extreme use. In the unlikely event that you burn a Tenaci clutch, the floaters can usually be replaced instead of the whole cover.

Clutch Kits - Clutch & Flywheel Replacement Kits
Differential kit for race cars - drifting, rally sports

Differentials – Rear Differential Kits

Tenaci motorsport differential kits are available for most popular drifting, circuit racing and rally cars. Our rugged long-life differentials deliver raw power to your wheels.

Brakes – High Performance Brake Kits

This is the perfect high performance brakes kit if you want your street car to stand out and have the look of a race car with huge brakes. Significantly larger than original and built for track days with repeated high loads. Our drilled discs will handle the heat better.

High performance Brake Kits - discs and calipers.
Race car flywheel kit for drifting and motorsports.

Flywheels – Motorsport Flywheel Kit

Our modular flywheels have a heavy-duty design suitable for the high demands in drifting. Built from CNC-machined CrMo material, the beefier design means better heat management and more rotating mass which helps breaking traction when clutch dumping.

Coilovers – Coilover Suspension Kit

These extreme coilover springs kits are designed for racing drivers and drifters who require coilovers with high quality and heat management. The nitrogen reservoirs in these high-performance coilover suspension kits give you the advantage you need on track, minimising overheating.

Coilover springs suspension kit for high performance drift & rally cars

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