Flywheels for racecars

Tenaci Flywheels are CNC-machined with high quality steel eliminating the risk of flywheel explosion. Original cast-iron flywheels have a severe safety hazard because they tend to explode when used with high power outputs.

Tenaci Modular Flywheels have a smart replaceable design which means that the wear surface is replaceable. Replacing just the surface also called “back plate” is significantly cheaper than replacing a whole flywheel, saving you money. The modular design also allows you to swap between our 240, 200 or 184 mm clutch and flywheel kits.

3-level stepdown is an innovation found on some Tenaci flywheels. The stepdown design allows you to further tighten your clutch, extending the lifespan of your disc pads. Where a normal flywheel would require discs with new pads costing you money, ours instead saves you money. Only available for Tenaci 184 / 200 mm clutches.

All Tenaci Flywheels branded as “Modular” share the benefits with replaceable back plates and 3-level stepdown. See our videos below to see examples.

Video showing Tenaci BMW M57 Modular Flywheel with modular design and 3-level stepdown.

Video showing Tenaci 2JZ Modular flywheel with modular design and 3-level stepdown

The flywheel in this video has an older design but has the same benefits as our current ones.

Listen to Jonas Borgegård the founder of Tenaci and inventor of the Tenaci Modular Flywheel explain more about the benefits of using our flywheels.