Adapter kit BMW M60 M62 240 mm (kontrollera pris för kopplingen)

9 440,00kr

Use this adapter kit for pairing a BMW M60/M62 engine with one of the following gearboxes:
Lexus 6-speed
BMW 320d 6-speed
BMW 530d 5 or 6 speed.

Included in this kit are:
Adapter for flywheel (to space out the flywheel)
Release bearing
Flywheel bolts

Note. The adapter is meant to fit on a flexplate, not directly to the crankshaft.
Flexplate not included

Since the flywheel will be spaced out the starter motor will not reach the flywheel which is solved by using a flexplate from an automatic transmission.

Optional extras below are:
Tenaci 2 disc 240 mm clutch
Choose a Hub for clutch disc if you add the clutch or choose none if you already have a clutch.

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Adapter kit för Bmw M60 M62 Svänghjul 3800sek

Adapter svänghjul 1095sek

Utramplager 550sek

Svänghjul 3995sek 3 stepdown

Bult till svänghjul ingår 70mm

Man får skaffa startkrans från en Automatlåda själv. Ingår inte

tot 9440


Passar till 320d


Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Hub (gearbox shaft splines)

BMW 10 splines 28,6 mm, BMW 10 splines 35 mm, BMW 22 splines, BMW 26 splines 35 mm, None, Toyota R154 21 splines, Toyota V160 14 splines


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