Adapter plate Tenaci twin black

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This is a dual clutch adapter that fits with tenac black and Sachs 243.

The adapter builds 14 mm more than 1 tenaci black. The kit holds 1500Nm if you use 2 new Tenaci discs. You cannot combine this kit with other brands of discs as the float may warp. This kit fits all Tenaci modular flywheels, and all flywheels with a step down 1.5mm and sachs 765 pattern. This is a perfect upgrade for those of you who have a 765 that can’t handle the torque. This kit is 100% silent.

Works with 8mm discs


This is a twin 243 adapter that works together with the Tenaci Black pressure plate. Adapter builds 14mm against a 1 slat. The kit can handle 1500Nm provided you ride with 2 Tenaci slats. If you don’t drive with Tenaci lamellae that have a narrower puck, you run the risk of the float breaking. This kit fits all Tenaci modular flywheels and all flywheels that have a stepdown of 1.5mm and have Sachs 765 pitch. This is a perfect upgrade for those who have driven with 2 pcs tenaci black before or a Sachs 765a. The kit is 100% silent and is very easy to drive and easy to ramp with an extremely good draw position.


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