Tenaci clutch cover kit with discs – 200 mm – 2 disc – 1650 Nm

14 185,00kr15 185,00kr

Included in this kit:

1x Tenaci 200 mm clutch cover (t20000000)
1x Tenaci top floater (t22200391)
1x tenaci middle floater (t02220091)
2x Tenaci clutch disc with hub installed (example t18400679)

Choose hub for your gearbox splines below

Optionally include silencing springs and/or thicker floaters

Fat floaters are recommended for drifters who need extreme heat management – 900 SEK (only available for 2-disc 200 mm clutch).
Silencing springs are a free optional extra. The springs make 2 or 3 disc clutches significantly rattle less compared to other racing clutches.

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Hub (gearbox shaft splines)

Audi, BMW 10 splines 28,6 mm, BMW 10 splines 35 mm, BMW 22 splines, BMW 26 splines 35 mm, Ford 23 Splines, GM 26 splines, Mazda 23 splines, Mercedes 26 splines, Nissan 24 splines, Saab 14 splines, Saab 23 splines, Toyota R154 21 splines, Toyota V160 14 splines, Volvo 20 splines M90, Volvo 22 splines M45/M46/M47, Volvo 23 splines

Options for 200 mm clutch

Fat floaters, Fat floaters + silencing springs, None, Silencing springs


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