Tenaci 2 disc clutch cover 184 mm with topfloater and middle floater – 1250 Nm

8 685,00kr incl. TAX
6 948,00kr excl. TAX

Middle floater and top-floater included

The floaters available are specified to 1400 kg clutch pressure.

The package contains :

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For this rally clutch a 7,2 mm disc is used which is what most users are starting to use. Perfect for rally, rallycross, drifting or dragracing. This clutch causes significantly less wear on the drivetrain compared to a 3-disc clutch which is more “ON/OFF”. This clutch allows “clutch kicking” too. Clutch discs for many different gearboxes are within our supplies.

This clutch is capable of 1250 Nm load

A benefit with Tenaci Rally Clutch is that it allows for cheaper prices for wear parts such as floater and topfloater.

6-puck clutch disc is recommended for this application since it allows for better engagement and heat management

Tenaci 184 mm clutches:

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Weight 6 kg