Tenaci Modular Flywheel – 184 mm clutch for BMW M50, M52, S50, M54, S54

6 495,00kr incl. TAX
5 196,00kr excl. TAX

With modular backplate 184/200/240 mm

Tenaci flywheel for BMW M50 M52 S50 M54 S54.

This flywheel has beefier heavy design suitable for the high demands in drifting.
The beefier design means better heat management and more rotating mass which helps breaking traction when clutch dumping.

Also fits S38 if you change the teeth of the starter motor. Diameter of the starter ring is 3 mm smaller compared to S38.
It is possible to drive without changing the teeth but the starter motor will make bad noises while cranking.

CNC-machined CrMo material

A huge benefit of this flywheel is that the 184/200 backplates features a 3-level stepdown which allows you to further tighten the clutch when your discs are worng. Which means you can extend the life of your clutch discs without having to buy new ones.

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Tenaci flywheel for BMW M50, M52, S50, M54, S54 and Sachs 765 / 243.

The flywheel is delivered balanced and with starter ring integrated

Flywheel weight is 7,4 kg.

Flywheel fits the following cars:

1990-1992 E34 520i
1991-1992 E36 320i
1992-1994 E36 320i
1992-1996 E34 520i
1990-1992 E34 525i/525ix
1991-1992 E36 325i/325is
1993-1995 E36 325i/325is
1992-1996 E34 525i/525ix

flywheel is 35mm

Note! You will need the starter motor from M50 to make it fit!

Flywheel fits with the following starter motor:

12412354709 – 1,4 KW

(11/15/2012 — 11/19/2013), Exchangeable retrospectively
(09/21/1996 — 10/10/1997)

Part 12412354709 was found on the following vehicles:

This Flywheel features a modular design which allows for swapping between 184, 200 or 240 mm backplate.

The 184/200 backplate features 3 levels of step-down which can be used to further tighten the cluth when your discs are worn.

Video covering the 3-level step-down:

Additional information

Weight 8 kg