Tenaci LSD differential for Volvo 1030-1031

14 900,00kr incl. TAX
11 920,00kr excl. TAX

Tenaci LSD differential for Volvo 1030-1031

1.5/2.0 way LSD (limited slip differential gear). Very similiar to the design of Cuscos.

Note!!! fits only with the larger differential bearing LM 102911 / 102949

140 240 740 940 with 27 splines

multi-link 760 960 26 splines

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This differential have different bearing on the differential with larger holes which means it’s possible to upgrade the diff to 30 and 31 splines.

This differential will be possible for use with all Volvo 140, 240, 740, 940, 760 and 960 series.

Tenaci Motorsport also offer upgraded thicker driveshafts for Volvo with 30 and 31 splines.
By choosing 30 or 31 splines for this differential and buying Tenaci upgraded drive shafts your Volvo
will be able to sustain much higher loads compared to OEM driveshafts.

Volvo Original speed ring can be transferred to this differential so that you can speed sensor and ABS.
The differential has an edge where the speed ring can be tapped into.

In cooperation with Peter Schmidt it has been proven that the Tenaci LSD diff has what is required on track to compete in Time Attack.
Niklas Maisaari has also driven well with the same differential with his Volvo 240 in Time Attack. 

How a Ramped / LSD type differential  works: http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/pdf/p27_p29.pdf

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Weight 7 kg
Volvo driveshaft

26 splines, 27 splines, 30 splines (upgrade), 31 splines (upgrade)