Tenaci torque bar Volvo 700-/900

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Tenaci’s Original designed torque bar for Volvo 7/900 series. Adjustable pinion angle. Perfect for the strip and rallies.

Used by Fredrik Pysander
Currently, on 1.2bar (17.6psi) Fredrick tells us the Volvo is pushing 643hp to the wheels with 920Nm of torque – and it’s still street registered. But not for much longer as the wagon will soon being transformed into an all-out drift machine.

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If you have a Volvo 740 940 with high power output this torque bar is the upgrade you will need when the original ones fail under heavy load.
Using a proper upgrade bar like this one with Tenaci’s original design is a much better choice than wasting time and money on trying to reinforce the original bars.

The bar has turnbuckles which enables adjustments of the pinion angle without needing to remove the bar from the rear axle.
For maximum rigidity the bar is designed with double cross reinforcements.

Welded and powder coated by licensed welders in Sweden.

Fits on to your chassis and rear axle without modifications.

The bar is approved for road cars and works just as well on rally, dragracing and drifting cars.


It’s important to remove all dirt and rust from the installation surface. Remember to retorque the bolts.
Torque the bolts properly during installation and then test drive the car so that torque bar has been put under load at least one time.
After that retorque the bolts of the torque bar to make sure they won’t come lose.

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