Tenaci “performance” kit – 2-disc – 200 mm for BMW M50, M52, S50, M54, S54.

22 625,00kr incl. TAX
18 100,00kr excl. TAX

Hub should be same as your gearbox splines.
Choose release bearing that fits your gearbox.

All the products in this kit can be bought separately from their respective category.

The package contains :

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Some Tenaci Flywheels features a modular design which allows for swapping between 184, 200 or 240 mm backplate.
A huge benefit of the 184/200 backplates is the 3-level stepdown which allows you to further tighten the clutch when your discs are worng. Which means you can extend the life of your clutch discs without having to buy new ones.

Video featuring Tenaci 3-level step-down back plate (from 1:30):

also (from 2:30):