Tenaci wheel speed sensor tone ring – Volvo 48 teeth

495,00kr incl. TAX
396,00kr excl. TAX

This speed sensor tone ring fits the following two differentials:
Volvo’s original Automatic Locking Differential (Eaton G80)
Tenaci’s Torsen Differential for Volvo 940 & 740. Which also fits some late 240 models (88-90).

The ring features 48 teethes and is made for differentials with aluminium covers.

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Always makes sure the number of teeth are correct before ordering.

Installation guide:
Put the ring around the Tenaci Torsen Diff, tap it with a hammer so it makes a round shape.
Weld the ring together and then grind down the weld so that it’s clean and same level as the rest of the ring.



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