Tenaci flywheel – 184 mm – for Mercedes OM603 OM606 M104 M113

3 395,00kr incl. TAX
2 716,00kr excl. TAX

A huge benefit of this flywheel is that it features a 3-level stepdown which allows you to further tighten the clutch when your discs are worng. Which means you can extend the life of your clutch discs without having to buy new ones.

Since this flywheel has no starter ring integrated you will need a flex from an automatic transmission.
A reinforcement plate is included which is welded on to the flexplate to improve stability.


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This flywheel is intended for Tenaci 184 mm clutches. Perfect for time attack, drifting and rally where you want quick gear shifts and low rotating mass.

The reinforcement plate increases stability to prevent the starter motor from breaking the flexplate.

Be careful with when welding the reinforcement plate. Two thick weld spots per leg is well enough.

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